Art has been my foundation in life and I embrace the many forms of it within my journey.

My first love was drawing with my father as a child then as I got older poetry was my ear when the world was to noisy to hear my cries and from that I became an spoken word artist and book author.

I still write but I am currently working on visual art through handmade products that I can share with the world. I feel very bless to be able make a idea come to life and that’s when the name “iLivLyfe” was born, in the acceptance of not just living life but enjoying what one can contribute to it.

My blog will be about the products of  “iLivLyfe” and the journey it took to make them visual to you.

 The website is up and running for your enjoyment.


Thank you for taking the time to read this blog.

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Instagram : i_liv_lyfe

(where sneak peeks of products get introduce to the world before they are put on the site)